Selling Bitcoin on A Step-by-Step Tutorial


1. Fiat Wallet Setup: Initially, ensure your Fiat Wallet is operational. This involves inputting your residence details for transactional clarity, a critical step for seamless fiat currency transitions post-Bitcoin sales​​.


2. Account Verification for Security: For a secure trading environment on, verification is pivotal. This step authenticates your identity, aligning with regulatory compliances and enabling you to proceed with selling cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin​​.


3. Trade Navigation: Within the app, navigate to the ‘Trade’ section, select ‘Sell’, and opt for Bitcoin. Following this, direct the sale proceeds to your Fiat Wallet, facilitating the conversion from Bitcoin to fiat currency​​.


4. Transaction Confirmation: Specify the Bitcoin amount you wish to sell and validate the transaction details. This involves confirming the rate, total amount, and associated fees before finalizing the sale on​​.


5. Fund Withdrawal: Post-sale, if intending to transfer proceeds to a bank account, access the ‘Wallet’ feature on, select the sold cryptocurrency, and initiate the withdrawal process. This step requires bank detail input and adherence to on-screen instructions for successful fund transfer​​.


6. Transaction Limits Awareness: Familiarize yourself with’s transaction limits. These vary based on verification status and transaction type, impacting how much Bitcoin you can sell or buy weekly​​.


7. Sales Options: For NFT sellers on NFT marketplace, understanding the dichotomy between fixed price and auction sales is crucial. Each model has distinct policies and expiration terms that sellers must comply with for effective listings​​.


Selling Tips on

  • Stay abreast with Bitcoin market trends to optimize your selling strategy on
  • Account for transaction fees to gauge net profit accurately.
  • Secure your account to safeguard digital assets against unauthorized access.

These directives offer a comprehensive roadmap for selling Bitcoin on, enhancing your trading experience through strategic planning and platform understanding. Ensure to consult the Help Center or app guidelines for the latest procedural updates and regional specifics.


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