Burglars Target Villa in Dubai, Steal Valuables Worth Dh180,000 While Family Is on Holiday

Burglars Target Villa in Dubai, Steal Valuables Worth Dh180,000 While Family Is on Holiday

Dubai, UAE: In a distressing turn of events, a family’s holiday celebration was marred by a burglary at their villa in Al Furjan, Dubai. Irene Sutton and her husband, Andre Verdier, were away from home, marking Irene’s birthday week when they received the alarming news.

According to reports, two unidentified burglars broke into Irene and Andre’s villa on Sunday, March 9, between 8 pm and 9:15 pm. The perpetrators ransacked through the residence, making away with valuables estimated to be worth Dh180,000.

Irene Sutton, a 54-year-old Irish expat, recounted the harrowing incident captured by their CCTV system. Despite being away, Irene’s son Aaron, who resides nearby, routinely checked on the villa, ensuring everything was in order. On the afternoon of March 9, Aaron noticed suspicious signs, including the front door being chained from the inside—an impossibility. Upon further investigation, he discovered that the back door had been forcibly opened.

In a bid to thwart the burglary, Aaron loudly announced his presence, hoping to deter the intruders. However, the perpetrators had already fled the scene, leaving behind a trail of devastation and anguish.

Authorities have initiated an investigation into the burglary, with efforts underway to apprehend the culprits responsible for this brazen act of theft. The community remains on high alert as residents express concerns over the safety and security of their homes during periods of absence.

As the investigation unfolds, residents are urged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities to the authorities promptly. The incident serves as a sobering reminder of the importance of robust security measures and community vigilance in safeguarding against such criminal acts.

Residents are advised to take precautionary measures, including securing their properties with reliable security systems and notifying trusted neighbors or authorities when away from home. Together, the community stands united in its resolve to combat crime and preserve the safety and well-being of all residents in Dubai.


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[Source: Khaleej Times]