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Five reasons you should migrate from Canada are:

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Five reasons you should migrate from Canada are:

Great Work Opportunities

Canada is a great place to work in engineering as well as medical, construction, and many more fields. It is a great location for workers with a degree to apply to the Federal Skilled Workers Program. Federal Skilled Workers Program

Free Medical Care

The Government of Canada provides free basic medical services for all Canadian citizens. The government covers the cost of medications as well as dental care optometry, etc.

Quality Life

Canada is a country with an excellent standard of living and numerous holidays, unhurried work hours, and a great lifestyle balance.

Immigration Tolerance

Canada is a country that has a warm attitude to immigrants. According to a study carried out by HSBC Expat Explorer Survey, Canada came first in world’s tolerance of Canada immigration from Dubai

The freedom to begin an enterprise

Residents of permanent residence in Canada can legally begin businesses after moving to Canada.

You don’t need to be a Canadian citizen to buy a franchise or establish an entirely LLC, partnership, or legal company.

Begin your journey to Canada today.

Can it be done easily to move into Canada via Dubai?

Yes, that’s right. One of the biggest advantages of Canadian immigration via the UAE Program is that citizens from any country can apply for them.

These programs are offered to help you move from Dubai to Canada. The states that are eligible for these programs include:

Ontario, Quebec Immigrants, Alberta Immigrants, British Columbia Immigrants, Manitoba Immigrants, New Brunswick Immigrants, Newfoundland Immigrants, Nova Scotia Immigrants, Prince Edward Island Immigrants

  • Quebec Immigration Program

It is also the sole program that directly grants permanent residency to residents of Canada.

  • Business Immigration

Canadian federal law allows applicants to buy a company and then temporarily relocate to Canada.

  • Temporary Resident First Program

It is a program under which immigrants are admitted to Canada to become temporary citizens. They reside in Canada for three years before converting to permanent residents.

Family Class Sponsorship

444 immigrants with relatives from the United Arab Emirates are eligible to apply for this program.

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