How to Brush Dog Teeth to Make Them Shine

How to Brush Dog Teeth to Make Them Shine

The dog’s teeth are an area of canine care that is sometimes disregarded. Most dog owners remember to brush their dog’s hair till it shines and to cut their nails so they don’t click on the floor, but not everyone enjoys brushing their dog’s teeth. Brushing is crucial because it removes plaque, which causes foul breath or more serious problems like decaying teeth or gum disease. Brush your dog’s teeth every day and follow these 12 simple steps to make them sparkle:

Brush your teeth during a quiet moment. 

It should be just you and the dog, with no other children or pets in the house.

Purchase a dog toothbrush. 

Dog toothbrushes can be purchased at pet stores or internet pet supply businesses. They feature a longer, curved handle that allows easier access to the back teeth. Use only toothpaste designed exclusively for dogs. While human toothpaste works well for people, it may include elements that are hazardous to dogs.

Choose a decent location for cleaning your teeth. 

Make sure you have adequate illumination to see what you’re doing and that your dog is comfortable.

Brush your teeth and gums without using the brush. 

Can you complete the first step? Your puppy should have attended AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy and Canine Good Citizen training and be used to having his mouth handled. Lift the top lip and hold it while touching the teeth, then draw the lower lip down and contact the bottom teeth.

Brush your teeth using the toothbrush. 

Touch the top and bottom front, side, and rear teeth. Praise and praise your dog for putting up with this phase.

Give the toothpaste to the dog.

 Begin by displaying the toothpaste to your dog and allowing them to lick it off your finger.

Fill the toothbrush with toothpaste.

Begin by cleaning the upper teeth.

 Keep your upper lip up. Brush your upper teeth. Thank your dog.

Begin with the front teeth and work your way back to the sides and rear teeth on top.

Begin by cleaning the lower teeth. Brush the bottom teeth while holding the bottom lip down. Begin with the front teeth and work your way back.

Brush the sides and rear of the bottom teeth. 

If your dog tolerates toothbrushing, you can brush both the outside and interior of his teeth at the same time. The insides of the teeth will be more difficult to brush, so if required, add this step after your dog has calmed down with the outsides of the upper and lower teeth.

Recognize and reward. 

Brushing their teeth is odd for dogs. Praise your dog constantly to make this a pleasant experience. You may also reward the dog at each stage. This appears to be paradoxical because you are cleaning the teeth and then providing nourishment. However, the first objective should be to teach the skill, and then you may concentrate on eliminating food from the equation.

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