How to Get a Job in Dubai – Job Hunting in UAE

Recruitment agencies

Companies hire recruitment agencies to find the most qualified candidates for the employment position that they require. These are more often than not high end jobs offering management and executive positions. The agency then narrows down a list of candidates for the company accordingly.

Beware of job scams in Dubai, just because the city is relatively crime free does not ensure that scam artists are not taking advantage of people. It is illegal for a recruitment agency to ask you to pay a monetary fee.

Recruitment agents are hired by companies and never by individuals. It is their job to sell you to the company, not to sell the company to you. There are many ways that these scam operations can fool even the most educated job candidates.


Whenever you meet a person you are networking, and creating a network of people that you know could get you hired.

Do not always look outside your circle when looking for a new position, a person that you already know could be an asset when you are looking for employment. They could be someone that works for the company that you are interested in who can get you the relevant phone number or email address of the person that is in charge of recruiting, or they could pass your CV onto the relevant person and put in a good word on your behalf.

Cold calling

Find out the name of the company and the relevant telephone numbers, be assertive and stand your ground when calling them. Ask to speak to the hiring manager. Be friendly but firm and do not let the person on the other end of the line intimidate you.

Cold calling is a daunting task, and may not as effective of a method these days, but it is worth a try. Many do not take this initiative and it will give you the perfect opportunity to make a sales pitch and an impression on the person hiring. You will be remembered when your CV lands in their inbox.

Get on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the Dubai job seekers’ secret weapon. A vast majority of HR professionals and recruiters in Dubai use LinkedIn. The reason for this is probably the fact that around 50% of the population use the professional networking platform.


In conclusion

Getting a job in Dubai, and enjoying a fulfilling career in the UAE, does not have to be a frustrating and complicated process. Many thousands of people do it year on year and at The English Meeting Room, we are privileged to continue helping people to land great jobs in Dubai.

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