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Is an Executive MBA Worth It in 2022?

Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees are generally thought to be a good investment, especially for people who want to pursue a career in business.

Along with the significant financial benefits, many corporate recruiters view an MBA degree as an asset due to the skill sets that MBA holders typically possess. Additionally, through your school’s employment placement services, your classmates, and your programme professors, an MBA programme can provide you with profitable networking opportunities and business contacts.

Having said that, there are key factors that make some MBA programmes more valuable than others. Let’s take a closer look at it –

Advantages of obtaining an Executive MBA

An MBA can be a great certification to add to your resume, suggesting a certain skill set that many hiring managers look for in employees. Executive MBA programmes in UAE also provide students with exclusive professional and networking resources as well as opportunities to form valuable long-term relationships.

Skills that can be transferred

Employers frequently recognise a consistent set of transferable talents that graduates gain via their higher education experience because of the rigorous coursework typical of many MBA programmes.

MBA graduates are highly appreciated for their abilities in the following areas:

  • Thinking in terms of strategy
  • Communication
  • Versatility is Leadership

An MBA degree is essentially a certificate that validates that you have these desirable talents and can help you demonstrate that you are equipped to succeed in higher-level business roles to many employers.

Opportunities for networking and career resources

The MBA teachers and staff at Britts Imperial University College are invested in their students’ future success your achievement will ideally help attract future students with comparable potential for success, whether through positive employment reports and marketing materials, or through their programme ranking. As a result, many programmes include resources for finding a job and networking opportunities.

On-campus recruiting fairs and executive coaching, for example, can lead to more lucrative career opportunities. Similarly, Executive MBA institutions with strong alumni networks may provide direct access to hiring managers at corporations all around the world.

Developing relationships

The relationships you can form while pursuing your Executive MBA are also valuable. Seventy-two percent of graduates said their training helped them improve their position.

Many MBA admissions offices want to fill entering classes with a diverse set of applicants who can bring a variety of perspectives to the table. Many programmes will incorporate group projects into the curriculum alongside discussion-based classes to capture that co-learning opportunity, and some students may also choose to participate in study groups or extracurricular activities.

Realizing the value of your investment (ROI)

Calculating your return on investment is one technique to figure out if an Executive MBA is financially worthwhile for you (ROI). This is essentially a comparison of your prospective long-term gains versus your potential short-term investment costs. Keep in mind that this calculation only considers the financial rewards of an MBA; the intellectual and interpersonal benefits of the degree cannot be quantified.

Salary Potential for Executive MBAs

Many professionals do not take the choice to pursue an executive MBA lightly. The expense, time, and study requirements necessitate a significant amount of work on the part of top performers – but not without reward. According to The Economist, graduates of executive MBA programmes often raised their compensation by 51%.

According to the Financial Times, executive MBA applicants often hold positions with better incomes and earning potential than their MBA and MS peers. Their earnings also improve as the degree progresses, and they are more likely to work in industry or manufacturing.

Throughout the executive MBA programme at Britts Imperial University College, take advantage of career services and professional development possibilities. The curriculum includes professional development and networking opportunities, giving students the tools they need to enhance their careers, take on new challenges, and explore new industries.

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