The capital group industry created Fiberglass Tanks intending to preserve the quality of stored water. Our product is guaranteed to keep clean water clean. It also has a complete drainage system. The maintenance needs for our GRP water tank are minimal. The Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic/GRP tanks product from Capital Group Industries is a modular tank, giving it a flexible solution that can accommodate tight space restrictions. It’s built to be leak-proof. You can enlarge or resize our FRP/GRP tanks, and panel tanks at any time to meet your storage needs, depending on your needs. You may also move the Tank around with ease. Capital FRP / GRP Tanks are safe for the environment. Fiber Technology Corporation is also recognized by international certification authorities.

GRP water tanks are GRP Panel Tanks that are useful for storing water. The grp panel water tank is a modular system that may be used to create a water storage tank of any capacity. The panel is comprised of fiberglass-reinforced polymers, which gives the tank its flexibility. We supply numerous varieties of grp tanks as grp water tank manufacturers in the UAE, including sectional & panel water storage tanks, FRP potable water tanks, and grp sectional tanks. Our service offers several advantages, including quick delivery and a reasonable price, particularly for grp water tank installation. Sheet Molding Compound” — a fiber-reinforced polymer made up of a thermosetting resin and glass fiber — is mostly made up of fiberglass and resin. Depending on the needs of the customer, it is hydraulically hot-pressed into panels of various sizes and thicknesses.

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