Laser Treatment in Dubai Dr. Nirdosh

Women see laser treatment in Dubai at my clinic as an essential part of their beauty routine. From removing unwanted hair to askin laser treatment price and helping hand in the quest for the elusive ‘perfect skin’ and for those of you looking to beat aging, laser treatments have become the go-to. Many women want Laser Hair Removal and we see no reason why you should not jump on board this seemingly miraculous machine that can give you the body they’ve always dreamed about. Join our world-renowned anti-aging clinic.


The procedure

  • Step 1: The treatment area is cleansed and prepared.
  • Step 2: The practitioner then will apply a local anaesthetic (if necessary) to make the skin numb, which will prevent discomfort during the laser treatments.
  • Step 3: A cooling gel may be applied to reduce any possible irritation from overlying skin tissues or follicles that are to be targeted by the laser.
  • Step 4: The laser is then used to deliver a precisely controlled pulse of light energy that is absorbed by dark pigment in the skin called melanin.
  • Step 5: Follicles containing hair are destroyed, growth of these follicles is halted and there will be no more regrowth for permanent results.


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Laser Treatment in Dubai
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Laser Treatment in Dubai