What is the difference between printing press and packaging companies?

A printing press is a machine that prints text or images onto paper. Packaging companies print labels, stickers, and other materials for businesses. They also package items such as food, clothing, and electronics.

Both types of companies produce printed material. The main differences are size and scale. Printing presses are large machines that create thousands of pieces per hour. On the other hand, packaging companies usually only produce hundreds of items at a time.

What is Custom Packaging?

Custom packaging is what your brand does to make sure it gets where you want it to go. This includes everything from shipping labels to packing peanuts. And while some people think it’s just about aesthetics, there are actually a lot of reasons why companies use custom packaging. Here are three big ones:

1. Branding

When someone buys something from your store, they’re expecting to receive exactly what you promised. If you send out a package without your logo or branding, customers might assume that you don’t care enough about your product to put your name on it. In addition, if you send out a box without your logo, you could lose sales because potential buyers won’t know how much your product costs.

2. Security

If you ship anything sensitive, like electronics or medicine, you’ll want to protect it from getting damaged during transit. You can do this by wrapping the item in bubble wrap or putting it inside a sturdy container. However, you can also use custom packaging to add security features to your items. For example, you can include a label that says “Fragile — Handle With Care,” or you can print a QR code that lets customers scan it to learn more information about the product.

3. Protection

You can also use custom packaging for protection. When you pack up your products, you can use tape or plastic bags to keep things safe. However, you can take this idea even further by designing boxes that are specifically designed to protect your merchandise. For example, you could design a box that keeps liquids contained within it or one that protects against moisture damage.

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