Train Between Dubai to Abu Dhabi – Everything you need to know About Railway

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Etihad Rail update: Train Between Dubai to Abu Dhabi Ready to Start

  • The railway length is 256 kilometers
  • Work by 13,300 workers
  • 29 bridges
  • Dubai to Abu Dhabi Duration – 50 minutes
  • The capacity of up to 400 passengers
  • Completion in 2030
  • Connect 11 cities across the UAE
  • Train Fare ?

There is something new chugging on the horizon for the UAE thanks to Etihad Rail. The UAE Railway Programme and Etihad Rail have just completed construction on the track linking Abu Dhabi and Dubai. And the Etihad Rail route map has been revealed. It’s all just the start of a very exciting year as construction on Etihad Rail speeds along.

The railway length is 256 kilometres and required 47 million hours of work by 13,300 workers to be completed.

The Abu Dhabi to Dubai railway also includes 29 bridges, 60 crossings and 137 drainage channels. It is part of the larger The UAE Railway Programme, which will connect everyone across the seven emirates.

Etihad Rail update: track completion between Dubai and Abu Dhabi


The final pieces of the track were installed by His Highness Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and His Highness Sheikh Theyab bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince’s Court and Chairman of Etihad Rail.

The completion of the main railway between Abu Dhabi and Dubai is a milestone moment in the railway expansion.


The Etihad Rail route map has been shared. It highlights the current plans as well as the second phase of construction. Stage two of the route has four different tracks that will connect the emirates. Additionally, the map highlights future expansions plans that show how Dubai, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman and beyond will be connected.


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Etihad Rail announced it would be expanding to transport passengers by 2030 with rides between Abu Dhabi and Dubai set to take only 50 minutes. Currently, the Freight Rail service is operational and is used to transport goods and materials across the emirates, keeping heavy trucks off UAE roads. In no time at all, the railway will be transporting us across the emirates.

Etihad Rail has recently released footage of what the passenger section of the railway will look like on Instagram. It revealed: “Traveling at a speed of 200 kilometres per hour and with a capacity of up to 400 passengers per train, the passenger can travel from Abu Dhabi to Dubai in 50 minutes and Abu Dhabi to Fujairah in 100 minutes… by 2030.”

Etihad Rail has also shared footage of the latest expansion on Instagram. “The construction for the network expansion in the emirates consists of a 216-kilometer railway line. The expansion works are in addition to our currently operating 264 kilometer railway track.”

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