6 Most Important Things You should know before next holiday in Dubai

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What is the national language of Dubai?

Arabic and English are the official languages of Dubai, but many expats also speak Hindu, Urdu, Bengali, Tamil, Tagalog, Persian, Chinese, and Malayalam.  English-speaking visitors will find it easy to treat around 75% of Dubai’s population speaking English as a first or second language.  It may also be helpful to know some basic Arabic, including “please”  (please), “thank  you” (thank you),  “hello” and ”  maasalaamah    ” (goodbye or peace).


Is there a special dress code of Dubai?

While there are strict dress codes in the UAE, Dubai has a more relaxed approach. Dubai’s population consists of around 90% expats and 10% Emiratis. In general, expats and tourists are allowed to dress as they do at home, although swimwear should be limited to the beach or pool. Modest dress is required in traditional and religious areas. Clothing should cover the shoulders and reach at least directly below the knee – it is good to carry a pashmina or scarf!


What is the weather like of Dubai?

Dubai is famous for its humid climate, with the summer months (June to September) reaching over 40°C.   The winter months, from October through April, are also comfortably warm, with temperatures averaging around 24°C before dropping to around 14°C in the evening. It is important to note that despite the heat, the climate is controlled everywhere in Dubai.


Can I drink alcohol there in Dubai?

It is a big misconception that you cannot drink in Dubai. Although it is not a city full of alcohol, non-Muslims can drink within local laws. The legal drinking age is 21. Alcohol can be served anywhere attached to the hotel, but there are designated dry areas. It is illegal for Muslims to drink and serving it to them can cause a lot of trouble. Drinking or getting drunk in public is strictly forbidden and there is no tolerance for drunk driving. Both can result in hefty fines, imprisonment or deportation.


What is the currency of Dubai?

The official currency of Dubai is United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED). The UAE dirham is also known as the dirham only, or dirham for short. The exchange rate of the Australian dollar is about 2.8 Australian dollars which means that 1 Australian dollar equals about 2.8 Australian dollars. Obviously, this rate is subject to change – it will vary depending on the currency exchange rates at the time of your travel. You can exchange currency at the airport, at a bank, or at one of the many currency exchange providers around the city.


How do I get around Dubai?

It’s easy to navigate in Dubai as there are plenty of great public transport options available. The Dubai Metro is the largest driverless automated train system in the world. It runs along the city – from the airport to the Jebel Ali Golf Resort & Spa, plus there is another line connecting the outskirts of the Old World to the center of Downtown Dubai. Up to 643 passengers can be accommodated on a single route and service waiting times range from 3.75 minutes to 7.5 minutes at rush hour and off-peak. The metro is inexpensive, as a day ticket costs about AUD 5. Other transportation options include driverless cars

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