Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for a Visa to Australia!

Although many candidates were successful in obtaining their Australia PR visa, there were a few denials.

Statistics show that almost 40,000 rejection instances occur each year.

This essay will explain why these rejections occurred and how to prevent similar problems in future applications.

What are the causes for visa rejections to Australia?

The following are possible reasons for your Australia pr visa application being denied:

  1. Applying under the incorrect visa category 2. A history of visa infractions
  2. Documents that are incomplete or fabricated
  3. Failure to fulfill medical and character criteria
  4. A scarcity of finances
  5. Failure to complete the visa application procedure

Applying for the incorrect visa category

The Australia PR visa is divided into three types. These are the Skilled Nominated – Subclass 190 candidates.

  • Independent Skilled – subclass 189
  • Regional skilled labor (provisional visa) – subclass 491

Here’s how it works:

When the government changes visa regulations, it might be difficult to apply for a visa.

That is why it is critical to examine the requirements for each Australia PR visa category before applying. The result of selecting the incorrect category is an avoidable visa refusal.

Previous Violations of Visas

If you have a history of visa breaches, your pr visa application may be denied.


Simply put, the visa officials will be hesitant to trust your application and may subject it to more examination.

Overstays, working on a visiting visa, expired student visas, and absconding are all examples of visa breaches to avoid.

Documents that are incomplete or falsified

This is one of the most common reasons why most Australian PR visas are denied. At times, the applicant’s error may be accidental.

The easiest way to avoid this is to thoroughly review your application and paperwork. Check that it fits the requirements.

If the proofs are rejected, you can upload them to the AAT for correction.

Candidates that submit misleading information regarding relationships, bank statements, or claims to live and work in a regional place are not accepted.

Inability to fulfill the medical and personality standards

Australian PR visa candidates must fulfill federal character and medical standards. No country wants to offer access to people with criminal histories.

As a result, Australia examines each application on an individual basis. As a result, if you constitute a medical danger to the country, the authorities may refuse your application.

Individuals having a history of criminal activity or human rights breaches in their home country may face the same consequences.

Inadequate funding to support your application

The capacity to cover living costs is one of the main qualities the Australian government looks for in pr visa applications.

You can demonstrate this by supplying financial documentation such as bank statements or significant assets. If you do not have the minimum needed quantity, your application may be refused.

Failure to complete the visa application procedure

Before your pr visa is approved, the Australian government asks you to pass a medical, biometric, or character test.

While this is not a prevalent problem among applicants, some do have their visas denied on this basis. Regrettably, this denial comes at the last minute.

How can I appeal a visa denial?

Rejection is devastating news for every PR visa candidate, but there is still hope. First, you must determine the basis for the visa denial.

Following that, you may submit an appeal with the Administrative Appeal Tribunal (AAT). The AAT has the authority to evaluate a request and refer it back to the state agency for reconsideration.


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